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Total Development

I developed these sites largely by myself, for relatively small clients. I paid attention to their needs and developed sites that helped them meet business objectives.

Cedar Mill Oregon

Pro bono website for my community linking people to services and information.


Tualatin River Watershed Council website

Tualatin River Watershed Council

I worked with this non-profit organization to completely redesign their site and reorganize and enhance the site contents. The client has been using Contribute to keep the calendar and other features of the site current, and I have been creating new pages to document their activities.


Walker Garbage Service

I designed the site and did research to collect recycling and other information. I created a downloadable PDF recycling poster and a form for new customers. I do any needed updating for this client.


Devin Laurence Field

Website for the sculptor. Begun 8/00. Devin's work is collected by museums and individuals, and he has monumental sculpture in cities worldwide. This was a complete redesign.


Whittemore Group website

The Whittemore Group

I designed and implemented this simple site that Jim Whittemore uses as an expanded business card to show potential clients.


As Producer/Project Manager

WellPoint Specialty Business Units

Project Management and client contact. Close communication with many diverse client constituents (PR, clinical, fiscal, legal departments) to maintain project integrity and deliver content assets on time; coordination of our programming and design teams while keeping our management apprised of changes and developments.

10/99 - 3/00

Orenco Systems, Inc.

Project Management and client contact. This site has changed very little since we finished it in January 1999. Helped with information architecture, assigning and collecting site assets, schedules and deliverables, managed client expectations.

8/99 - 12/99





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