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You have too much to do already.

New work is coming in all the time, and you'll never have time to figure out this web stuff. You know it's important, but how are you going to get a handle on it?

You have clients or management who want a great website and expect you to get it for them.

It's your job to make sure the client or company gets great results, and you need to make the website as good as the rest of your work.

You're not sure where the web is going, but you know that your company or client needs to be there.

The web isn't like other media, you know that, but you're just not sure how to make the best of it. You know what you don't like, but how do you figure out what is good and will work for your client or company? How do you avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes?

You don't have time to figure out the web, but you need to get it right.

Everyone looks to you for great results. You need to score on this one too, but it isn't that easy. What is the web good for?

You don't have the budget for a dedicated web staff.

Your art director isn't a web expert and doesn't want to be. You don't have any programmers, and your writers can do great copy, but writing for the web is different.

You don't want to lose your budget and creative control to website design company.

Most design companies don't really know much about delivering effective websites. Usability? What's that? They're expensive, and you might end up with something that nobody's happy with. And can they really understand your client like you and your associates do?




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