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Client Needs Assessment and Internet Plan

  • Iinterviews with you about client needs & marketing history
  • Client meetings — more questions
  • Plan for website and other internet utilization
  • Plan for hosting and application development
  • Milestones, timeline, budget
  • Marketing plan

Usability Design/Testing

  • Determine user needs through interviews and observations
  • Test current site for usability problems
  • Develop navigation and site structure to optimize user experience
  • Iterative testing for new site design

Project Management

  • Production Plan – what, when, who, how
  • Assemble the team – your people and ours
  • Timeline/milestones refined
  • Design management – determine and collect graphic elements
  • Content management – assign, collect and edit content
  • Production management – develop templates, create pages and navigation
  • Quality Assurance -- design and implement a plan
  • Publish – upload to server, test and refine
  • Maintenance plan – train your people to keep site updated

Site Marketing

  • Design for Search Engine optimization
  • Site marketing plan – traditional and online ways to get the right people to your site
  • Site marketing production management – newsletters, online events, collateral
  • ROI plan and evaluation
  • Site performance and statistics



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